Thursday, September 26, 2013

How do I know if I am stressed?

Stress is not a diagnosis or condition. It is the root of many conditions physically, emotionally, physically, chemically and economically.  Many people don't even realize they are STRESSED!!! With the amount of things we have to accomplish in a day who can keep track of whether or not we are stressed? Eventually, your body will let you know that you are stressed.

I have encountered many working and non-working individuals who have neglected their bodies far too a result? Each person is different and can manifest a variety of things including but not limited to: heartburn, panic attacks, inflammation of the gut, poor digestion, weight gain/loss, hair loss (alopecia), loss of sleep/broken sleep, anxiety, eczema, hormone imbalances, vitamin deficiencies and many more! Stress disturbs our normal balance in life, our homeostasis.

So how do you know if you are stressed?
1. Identify what your stressor is and put it into perspective.  Is it really as bad as you think?
2. Accept you cannot control everything
3. Take a time out and take 10 deep breaths
4. Eat well balanced meals, minimize stress eating with comfort foods
5. Get enough sleep
6. Exercise - get a fitbit and join a community of friends: yoga, run, walk, bike, hike... ANYTHING!
7. Find humor in things, smile often, give a hug, get a hug!
8. Acknowledge your triggers
9. Maintain a positive attitude
10. Hydrate your body

How do you get your ife back to Homeostasis?
1. Get your NERVOUS SYSTEM checked by Dr. Stephanie Woo, DC-MBA at ChiroConcept of Bellevue  and get back on track through gentle Chiropractic Adjustments from a Board Certified Chiropractor.
2. Have a Natrualpath Dr. Akiko Kato, ND at Femme Clinique  check your hormone levels to supplement your system during this stressful time.

Seek help the natural way, our bodies are designed to withstand a lot, so we ARE able to get back to homeostasis without drug intervention.

Visit Dr. Stephanie Woo, DC-MBA at ChiroConcept of Bellevue or Dr. Akiko Kato, ND at Femme Clinique for an appointment to a better life!

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